[OZAPRS] GPS Antennas

Dave Walmsley dave at hunterlink.net.au
Sun Aug 31 14:51:28 EST 2008


> The GPS antennas are a collection of dual band patch antennas... There are 
> a
> heap of them there. I think they are 23 or 26db gain. All from China.
> And the Rabbit Trackers are a GPS tracker using a Rabbit Semiconductor 
> Core
> module, Sony-Ericson GPRS module and trimble GPS receiever. All the source
> code is available if needed
So, insert a SIM on a capped phone plan and away you go...

Or, disconnect the GPRS module and connect a radio. I assume a little work 
would be required.

How much to post a couple of each to Newcastle for some experimenting?


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