[OZAPRS] Advise Please

Philip Webb pwebb at aanet.com.au
Sat Aug 16 17:39:10 EST 2008

Hi All,

I agree with Brian.
When I log on and send my home beacon through second.aprs.net.au:14579, 
it does not appear on aprs.fi - at all - it seems to me.
If I log onto first.aprs.net.au , my home beacons appears promptly on 
I have emailed Geoff before who said the system had undergone some 
maintenance but it hasn't fixed what I see as an anomaly.

73 Philip VK4HPW

Brian Beamish wrote:
> Hi Geoff
> second.aprs.net.au:14579
> I just tried a few minutes ago any beacons sent via second.aprs.net.au:14579
> did not get recognised by Findu but using a one of the USA servers VK4BBS-10
> is seen every beacon on Findu?
> Was wondering why VK4BBS-10 not seen using .second.aprs.net.au:14579?
> 73 Brian VK4BBS
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