[OZAPRS] Vista with UiView, AGWPE and Packet Engine Pro etc

Damien Gardner Jnr rendrag at rendrag.net
Sat Aug 2 18:10:10 EST 2008

Vista and I have quite the love/hate relationship going... I have 4gb of ram 
in my PC (plus two 1GB video cards, and a raid controller with 256mb of 
ram), so a 64-bit OS was an absolute neccessity (even PAE doesn't help much 
when you've got 2.5gb of DMA'd hardware to fit into the 4gb memory space..), 
and XP-64 wasn't readily available when I put the box together, so vista 64 
it ended up... (Yes yes, I know I'm a debian zealot, and while I can get 
photoshop and soundbooth running in Wine, dreamweaver just won't do it..)

I *love* vista's sidebar.  I *hate* its insane use of resources..  I'm 
sitting here with not much open (only dreamweaver, photoshop, and 
soundbooth), and I have 3.8gb of memory in use..  On a clean boot, it sits 
at about 2.5gb..  I'm toying between going out and layout out the extra 
~$150 on another 4gb of PC-6400 ram, or buying XP-64 and re-installing..  As 
far as AGWPE goes, you'd definitely want to find out if it'll work - I've 
had SO much hassle with the whole user-protection thing that requries an 
'ok' every time any app wants to do something remotely 'advanced'..  Of 
course you can turn that off, but then vista just happily lets any app do 
anything it feels like without any prompting..

Personally, unless you *need* vista for some reason (and apart from the eye 
candy, I can't think of any reason..), I'd get XP instead..  HP & Dell at 
least will let you buy with XP instead of Vista (for the vista price) if you 
ask - MS allow you to install XP instead of Vista on a vista license IIRC, 
so even if you have to buy with Vista, just install your existing copy of 
XP..?  Or if you really want to try Vista, make sure you get LOTS of ram, 
*and* lots of disk :)

Just my 20c :)


Damien Gardner Jnr
VK2TDG. Dip EE. GradIEAust
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I realise some may suggest that I change to Linux at this stage I would
prefer not to do do.

I am purchasing a new notebook tomorrow DSE/HP have some good deals going
one of which finishes on Sunday amongst other things I particularly want to
run UiView, Packet Engine Pro and AGWPE etc has anyone used these with Vista
and if so experienced any problems?

I personally have had no experience with Vista at all.

73 Brian VK4BBS
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