[OZAPRS] Packable Tracker

vk7arn vk7arn at bigpond.com
Wed Apr 30 18:01:35 EST 2008

I'm building a "Track in a box" for use on foot or horseback,  TinyTracker 3
Plus (bundled with Byonics GPS) and a Puxing PX777 in a sandwich box which I
picked up today rather than a much more expensive Pelican type case.  The box is
ABS, weather sealed etc.  I also have a BNC rubber ducky antenna supplied by the
Puxing supplier recommended in an earlier dialogue.  What I'm after are ideas on
mounting the GPS and the radio antenna.  I envisage the box being in a backpack
(on foot or horseback) with leads from it to somewhere.  Any ideas appreciated.
The trackee may not be an APRS enthusiast so the rig needs to be user friendly
and light weight.


Roger VK7ARN

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