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Mark Robinson VK4KMR vk4kmr at wia.org.au
Tue Apr 29 00:46:49 EST 2008

Thanks Craig VK3CMC and Kim VK2ASY.  I couldn't have said it any better.

Mark Robinson VK4KMR

Gentlemen,  lets sort this problem out now before too many shoot off without 
thinking..  If there is a Foundation call  driving about using a mode they 
are not licenced for then why not advise them with some carefully chosen 
words rather than this type of outburst.  The Foundation is the starting 
level entry into our hobby and as such there are many who are definately 
still learning. Some will not make an upgrade but many will and already 
have. We should be encouraging them to upgrade, not abuse them when they 
slip up.     Unless you know that the person is blatantly abusing the rules 
then it would behove us all to give some guidance and direction to them 
first.  Who knows they may think they are only receiving and that their 
software has been set so they do not transmit but can still receive  from 
others..  Maybe they have already upgraded but havent the new call yet. You 
know what temptation can be like!!  Has anyone yet bothered to contact the 
person?  Who has seen them? Check their mail address on the ACMA site and 
drop them a "friendly" reminder that they are not allowed to use a digital 
mode yet.

73 Craig
WIA Assessor

Hi Chris,

I support Tim on this, and if you are interested in APRS which you
obviously are, I would support your continued reception of the
information from this forum. 
We have all spent time and effort appropriate to the circumstances in
place at the time for licensing. 
What I don't agree with is taking cheap shots in general as it never
achieves anything but bad feelings.
Just enjoy the hobby we all share, and when your ready have a go at
upgrading, I look forward to a contact on APRS. In the mean time it'll
just have to be a voice contact... echolink may have to do!!

73 Kim 

Kim Stevens VK2ASY
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Just to answer Andrew.... No they dont come in chip packets yet..
I hope all you guys who just HAD to study for your licence dont feel to
bad, really I don't....
I just wonder how the other F calls feel reading your tripe while trying
to glean some information from the thread. One person does not represent
the whole F call community. 
I only hope YOU Andrew are not representative of the APRS community.

By the way unsubscribe me.

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