[OZAPRS] test drive

Richard Hoskin vk3jfk at amsat.org
Sun Apr 27 11:59:31 EST 2008

Hi Ray,

> You've raised something I've been wondering about since I installed
> vk2rmc-1. In voice repeater days we tended to work around a 25 W mobile
> as being "the standard" but what is that "standard" for aprs.? One reads
> about users with hand helds, and possibly (hopefully!!) an exteranal
> antenna on the car.

I also use the 25W mobile with a 0dbd antenna as the standard. 

> I tend to think that 25W mobiles may not predominate in aprs,
> particularly when one reads of the integrated trackers with their low
> power transmitters. There's not much point planning coverage with every
> one a 25W mobile if a significant number use less than this.

The majority of operators at lease here in VK3 use 25W or greater mobile
systems. It would be too costly in time and money etc to provide good
coverage for 5W systems on a state wide basis. 5W will work in areas around
most major population centres. If there was a specific requirement for
coverage for 5W APRS transmitters then a Fill-In digipeater could be
established in the area of desired coverage. 


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