[OZAPRS] test drive

Dave Walmsley dave at hunterlink.net.au
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I felt sure that most APRS guides suggest low power, so a quick look at 
http://www.aprs.net.au/newuser%20guide.htm, and I find "10 watts to 20 watts 
is more than enough."

With my current setup 5W will have to do; although there is an FM 900 here, 
that would need some re-programming and I never quite got the packet 
connections right. I think the next step is a "better" antenna.

Also, looking at where the good and bad signals were, it's clear that 
terrain and vegetation (trees) make a big difference. e.g. heading out of 
Raymond Terrace, the river flats were great, but after that the foliage may 
have been a big contributor in killing my signal, not forgetting that it was 
also VERY WET. I suspect that the couple of signals from Clarencetown were 
because we went around the block, and even stopped for a few minutes (to 
find that the Pub didn't have a bistro open :-( ).

I'll attach a print screen for those interested.

ON that topic.. I've used APRS.FI, is there a way to 'keep' my raw packets 
and fed them into a mapping program myself, say Ozi?


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> Michael and others,
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