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Nice!  I just tracked 7C6C9D as it landed at Brisbane airport.  Lost it at 
150 Ft. 

Now where did I put that laser pointer - Kidding.  In Syd we have has a 
spate of people pointing them at planes and in one case pointed them at 
the police chopper - Duh!

Shaun Pitcher   

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Re: [OZAPRS] ADS-B to APRS Server


In ADS-B or Automatic Surveillance Broadcast, each airframe gets a unique 
bit address.

This the the code on the APRS objects.

There is also anothe field in ADS-B called FlightID

Then there is also the rego of the plane.

Confused ?


7C1234 = Unique 24 bit address of Aircraft
VOZ232 = FlightID as entered by the pilot on take off
VH-VQY = Registration of the plane (only sent if no flight id )

ADS-B is to become mandatory in Australia soon.

So all planes should get ADS-B.

I am adding heaps of stuff to my web site.


I made the feed available direct because of the load on APRS-IS.

I will endevour to make the planes look more "real" with the callsign.

I have not seen the rescue chopper around yet, but I think they just got a 

new chopper.

I have started a new role at Airservices Australia.

I was a RADAR maintenace guy, now I work in Surveillance support.

We get to play with kewl radar tools and pull data to bits.

Maybe I can give a talk some day ?


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> Andrew, This is terrific.
> Where do the numbers that represent the aircraft come from?
> Is there a conversion to the aircraft registration?
> David
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