[OZAPRS] Fox Track programming

Phillip zl2tze at yahoo.com.au
Wed Apr 23 06:10:10 EST 2008

Hi Dave,
               Ok yes the smart beacon is coded by DK7IN and is only
configured by header switches/ links..

To be able to use TT3 you will need a programmer and the TT3 code and also
need to know what links to change on the Fox to make the TT3 work.


All the TT downloads from here 

FYI. The 16F84a PICs are $ 15-00 here and the 628 are only $ 5-00
Let me know when you are heading out I'll look for you..

My mobile is zl2tze-15  its not that active during the week but it should be
over the long weekend I have UI-view and a laptop running until I get my Fox
wired up just need the radio cable finished not enough hours in the day at
the moment.

73 Phillip
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the message came through as an attachment on my PC..
Phillip, Yes that's what I understand too. The foxtrack is equivalent to a
TT1, using DK7IN code, but the PC board can take other PICs, like the
16F628, which would allow TT3 features if you had the code.
Dinesh also told me that, as shipped, the foxtrack does smart beaconing (one
of the features I liked) so that must be in the Dk7IN code, but is not
configurable since the only config program that I can get to work seems to
be the TT1 config.
I cannot get the Linux config program to load on a couple of systems I have
here, although I have not tried too exhaustively.
More generally, our Digi is now operational on Mt Sugarloaf, so I'll try the
system mobile at the weekend, and see how it's getting out.
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