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FYI for anyone how is involved with JOTA


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Watch for messages to and from Jamboree-on-the-AIR Saturday.
Join the fun, and send a national CQ on APRS using AA5PL's

>From RF to RF everywhere for messages!

Just send a msg to CQSRVR with the following message text:


And your message will go out to all other stations that have
previously send such a message to the CQSRVR...  And for the
next 24 hours, you will receive any similar such messages.  

This Saturday is a great time to test your two-way message
capability.  You don't have to be a scout.  Just send your CQ
SCOUTS CQ SCOUTS message to the CQSRVR and you can QSO
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> New for JOTA 2007!
> Consider taking APRS to your JOTA scout event this year.  
> APRS now has a global CQ function that will allow any 
> APRS station in the field, to call CQ to all other 
> similar stations all over the world.
> APRS is a two-way tactical real-time communications 
> system.  It is an excellent demo that can be interesting 
> to scouts while they are waiting their turn to operate 
> one of the regular HF JOTA stations.
> This year, a system called CQSRVR has been written by 
> Pete, AE5PL, which will receive logons from field 
> stations and turn around and send out those CQ's to 
> all other SCOUTS stations.  When they see these, then 
> they can do the normal APRS messaging between 
> individual stations anwhere on the globe that is in 
> range of an Igate.
> See the web page:
> http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/aprsjota.html
> It is operational now so you can practice.  Just 
> send an APRS message to CQSRVR and include the 
> two keywords CQ SCOUTS as the first two words at 
> the start of your message.  Usually you follow 
> that with a second CQ SCOUTS which will actually
> get delivered to all other similar stations.
> To help you remember that a SPACE is required after
> the first CQ SCOUTS and no other delimiters, it is
> best to just send CQ SCOUTS CQ SCOUTS followed by
> whatever text you want all other scout stations to see.
> CQ SCOUTS CQ SCOUTS from Annapolis, Maryland, USA
> Hopefully, all other SCOUT stations will see your 
> message and will respond to your actual call to 
> make the contact.
> Good luck!
> Bob, Wb4APR
> http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/aprsjota.html

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