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Hey Peter,

It's sitting on 100mbps ethernet in the US.. It's a little CPU-starved, as

it also hosts third.aprs.net.au (javaprsd TOTALLY kills a machine.. - i've

seen it pushing loads of 30, without only a handful of TCP connections -
guessing whoever wrote it doesn't understand java very well, because
NO reason for a java aprsd to use any more resources than a normal 
aprsd...), but that doesn't seem to affect the throughput much - You might

want to grumble to your ISP (though given their track record over the last

couple of weeks, I think they already know they have a problem ;) ), as in

AU, you should be pulling between 200-220k/sec off it (assuming your adsl 
goes that fast - on 1500, you should be flatlining your DSL..) - faster if

you use a download accelerator to do multiple chunks..  Although, hows
outbound bandwidth? If it's getting caned by folks downloading from your 
FTP, then your inbound data rate is going to suffer badly..

As to bandwidth used, it only does about 200gb/month (gotta say the 
motorcycle manuals are damned popular!)



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> DG..
> Just out of curiosity Damien, how much bandwidth are you using in you
> mirror site??  I am downloading the maps (yes I know I made a fair
> portion of them, but when you have a file server and the HDD poo's
> itself and you loose everything, life becomes interesting...) and the
> best D/L rate I seem to achieve is 30 KB/Sec, and it has taken more than
> 10mins to download the 13MB VK1 .zip file.  I am using 1500 ADSL.
> Cheers
> Pete VK1NFI
> Damien Gardner Jnr wrote:
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>>> G'day one and all, MAPS MAPS and more MAPS, use FTP to connect to
>>> vk1npw.no-ip.org
>> Man that's a lot of maps! Just under 100mb of files! :)  MAJOR props!
>> Seeing how painfully slow it was, I thought now that I've pulled it
>> I
>> may as well mirror it (peter, let me know if you don't want it
>> :) ) - tis up at http://offshore.pinegap.net/stuff/aprs_maps/  - I've 
>> gone
>> through the maps and sorted them, so if you want a whole state, you can

>> just
>> grab the zipfile for that state instead of having to get all the maps
>> files..  Or just get the files from one of the subfolders :)
>> Cheers,
>> Damien
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