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Hello All. 

OK... I really do not have the time at the moment to bring the product out
of mothballs. But it seems to me that maybe I should bring people up to
with a few things. Firstly Radioactive Networks has two more people
for it now - based in India. The 2nd of these people started this week.
will be more based on non-ham related products, but I am thinking about
where I go to here on the APRS side. Given that US$4-5 per hour is common
am thinking about paying someone $1-2000 to redo the product such that it
does everything for everybody. 

Otherwise, if anyone knows someone who wants to work on a 'Summer of Code'
project, particularly in Sydney, please let me know. There is office space
and supervision available in Pymble for someone wanting to re-develop the
product. Alternately if there are people interested in me making the
open source let me know.

[The most important thing here would be to remove the database
functionality. Nice idea but buggy :-( And then make the program simpler.

Another complication for me is that my mother was diagnosed Burkitt-Like
Lymphoma at the beginning of March. This is aggressive, but has been
very very early. It is a cancer that is much rarer than Burkitt's Lymphoma
that affects 1 person in 1,000,000. She was told by her oncologist that
would be going into hospital the afternoon she was diagnosed or the next
day, and would be spending the next few months mostly in hospital. Since
then it has been the case of her being in hospital for 3 of every 3.5
undergoing chemo. Thankfully the cancer is mostly gone, but it has still
taken a huge toll on me. 

For instance mum got home unexpectedly on the day before my birthday. That
night I managed to get the Flu, and so was sick in bed for my birthday.
mum developed an infection so I needed to give her a facemask and drive
to the hospital with a 38 degree temperature. Antibiotics fixed that and
is home for 10 days now before more chemo.

Since I work from home, which is near the hospital; and my brother lives
further from the hospital and works at a Uni, most of the effort caring
her has fallen to me. She has had three rounds of Chemo, and will have at
least two more, including a Stem Cell Transplant.
(Http://www.radio-active.net.au/nita/). Since mum got her Doctorate in
Education in December, I should say that it is rather interesting seeing
medical staff in Hospitals deal with people with a higher degree. Whilst
they like to call people by 'Mr Smith' or 'Mrs Jones', calling someone 'Dr
Smith King' confuses them when that person is a patient, so they tend to
call her just Nita.

Also in October a friend of mine came to me and asked if I could spend 50%
of my time working for him on some stuff. This has been good and bad. We
in a tender for Telstra for In-Vehicle Navigation for Telstra for
Toughbook Laptops, and were awarded the tender early this year. The good
news is that much of this code will be able to be used at some stage with
Ham product... But it has taken a heap of my time too. [If anyone wants to
run a fleet of laptops with SatNav, send me a private email.]

One other thing I have been involved with is the TAPR Open Hardware
If you are developing open hardware, you should have a look at this
It allows you to stop people exploiting your hardware commercially if you
like, or is fully open if you like too. Most importantly it protects you
from being sued for patent violation for someone who uses your design. For
instance if you develop a cute open source spectrum analyser and HP decide
to include this in a new CRO, and they then realize that it contains a
patent they own, they cannot sue you, and the patent is now available for
use by anyone using your design!

Oh, and I have also just commissioned an engineer to work on an indoor
tracking system for me. I have done the design - I am just waiting on
being done for a proof of concept. It will be fairly cheap, and has great
potential. In many cases you just install the software onto your PC's and
just works. 

Time for some real work


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Me too !!!!!!!!!!! Come on Darryl, resurrect the project.  You must have
most of the work. 
Roger vk7arn

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Richard Hoskin wrote:
> UI-View thinks the world is flat

...which is why I use VK2TDS's netAPRS software to place received UIView 
stations on Oziexplorer maps. It's not perfect, but it's just about the 
only way to link Oziexplorer and APRS. Tracking mobile stations works 
quite well with the netAPRS/Oziexplorer combination as well. I get a 
quick overall view of SA with UIView and I can then use Oziexplorer to 
"zoom in" on a particular station.
It's a pity there hasn't been more development on netARPS. Slick 
interface software between UIView/APRS-IS and Oziexplorer is something I 
would pay for!
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