[OZAPRS] PSK31/PSK63 (Michael Carey)

Mike Zwingl oe3mzc oe3mzc at oevsv.at
Fri May 25 03:57:03 EST 2007

Hi all,
just some information (from good old Europe) about APRS + PSK31 and other 
modulation schemes:
There is an option to run PSK31 with APRS using the freeware PSK31SRV,
which was also part of the already mentioned PROPNET concept (intelligent 
beacon nets replacing the old CW system)

What do you need:
OPENTRACKER OT1x or OT1+ with PSK31 firmware
HF-TRX of course.
more info see: http://f5vag.nerim.net/g4ide/psk31svr.html
or see: http://www.rochesterny.org/beaconet/propnet/propnet31--setup.htm
and optentracker: http://n1vg.net/opentracker/downloads.php

other developments: PSK125 on LINUX only
using FLdigi and PSKMAIL and/or a complete distribution liveCD for booting

Linux with PSKMAIL (450mb download)
see: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aprpack/
or: http://pskmail.wikispaces.com/

the easier other option, which is extremely well designed for HF-APRS is
OFDM- modulation
called ROBUST PACKET RADIO by the founder of SCS  (PACTOR).
RPR is 500Hz wide and 300bit/sec or 600bit/sec fast and supports AX25 
protokoll down -10dB into noise.
It can be done by most PTC-II Modems (firmware3.6) and the new
DSP-TNC TRACKER (+GPS stand alone)
see: www.scs-ptc.com/datasheets/scs_datasheet_tracker_english.pdf
or posting: http://aprs.net.au/pipermail/ozaprs/2006-July/000571.html

PS.: VK8ZAB and VK6UZ are already able to receive APRS in Robust PR mode

vy 73 de Mike

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> Michael
> A few years ago theree was a thing called BeaconNet and PropNet see.
> http://hfradio.org/propnet-info.html
> There may have been a tie up with APRS as well but Ive never really
> understood what this was all about. It seemed very popular in Europe.
> Tony Hunt VK5AH
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>> Hi Everybody,
>> Is there anyone in Australia playing around with PSK31/PSK63 with HF 
>> APRS?
>> Regards,
>> Michael.
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