[OZAPRS] RE Interesting traffic (vk7arn)

Warren VK3BYD vk3byd at wia.org.au
Sat May 12 14:34:34 EST 2007

Hi All,

Whilst the national frequency has helped conditions are extra extra good
the moment.
But it does high lite the need for all operators to consider the length of

their transmission path.


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We ALL knew that this was going to happen once we went to a national
frequency, so we will just have to live with it now.

Ben Lindner

Tony Hunt wrote:
> Yep its all happenin tonight on 2m.. Got home about 7 and it took less 
> than
> 10mins to intercept this lot. I suspect theres alot more propagation
> happening than we realise at times and for many hours.
> Check out VK3CV via VK7RWC then VK5RSC
> Lots of frames from Bendigo entering the network from VK3RCV here.
> I love the VK3YLV frame via 3RPG then 5RAC  (Pt Lincoln 250km west of
> Adelaide) and then back to Adelaide 5RNE-2
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