[OZAPRS] Bulletins on HF and 2m propagation

Peter VK1NFI vk1nfi at netspace.net.au
Fri May 11 16:42:38 EST 2007

My D700 is always receiving VK3 and VK5 bulletins whilst I am mobile, 
both in VK1 and in VK2....  In fact it is these that seem to be the main 
offenders that we are always getting hammered with here, not VK4 or 
VK7..... ( we do get them but only occasionally...)

Tony Hunt wrote:
> Ive noticed we have a few odd bulletins popping out here in VK5 from
> states. While this is all very interesting it can start to get annoying
> the D700s and D7s as they fill up with messages in the message buffer
> stuff thats not even relavant locally.
> In the last couple of days we have had Bulletins from VK7 and VK4 in
> particular. We probably cant stop the odd bit of propagation on 2m but
> bulletin comes through from HF consistantly.
> Ive noticed that each time I switch on the HF gate here that the
> of these bulletins goes up. Basically we have bulletins going out on HF
> using the path of GATE,WIDE or something similar and this causes them to
> gated to the VHF network here locally. I suspect the same thing is
> in Melbourne.
> If we must put out bulletins on HF cant we do it with a path that does
> translate to being sprayed out everywhere like this ? It is possible
> Uiview to specify the path for individual bulletins.
> Note that our Igate in Adelaide does not Gate Bulletins to RF on 2m
> they are of VK5 origin. This has been done for a reason a long while
> We tried it for a while and it proved a real waste of bandwidth. We are
> not interested in your local conditions and info in VK4 VK7 or VK3 VK2
> sorry.
> Some interesting propagation on 2m of late and some OLD paths still in
> in VK7 I see..
> 07:58:26R VK7DC>APU25N,VK7RWC*,VK5RNE-2*,WIDE3-1 Port=1 <UI C Len=68>:
> ;VK7RAC   *130859z4057.13S/14543.25Em70CM Voice repeater 438.650Mhz
> 07:58:27R VK7DC>APU25N,VK7RWC*,VK5RSC-1*,WIDE3-1 Port=1 <UI C Len=68>:
> ;VK7RAC   *130859z4057.13S/14543.25Em70CM Voice repeater 438.650Mhz
> 07:37:23R VK7AX>APU25N,VK7RAA*,VK7RVP*,VK7RWC*,VK5RSC-1*,WIDE3* Port=1
> Len=71>:
> Tony Hunt VK5AH
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