[OZAPRS] Propagation time !! Check your digi configs !!

Peter Bye vk1nfi at netspace.net.au
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Okay Tony, so perhaps there is a problem.  Mate there is no need to carry
like you have.  Lighten up, stress less and enjoy the season.
It will get sorted but you are more likely to get a better response if you
aren't so arrogant in your posts.

Relax and enjoy the holidays, stress less and you might just have a good


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Some intereresting propagation going on at the moment on 145.175.. More
the usual stuff that seems to run 200-300km at times. Last night before
going to bed I saw a great chunk of central and eastern VK3 as well as VK7
stations on the map.

This is now really obviuos when its happening as our Igate is currently
running with a 450km radius login and will not gate anything beyond that
RF. This morning I got up and found the same sort of map. Lots of VK3s and
some VK2 and VK7 stations well beyond 450kms from here.

Here is the listing of stations.
3rmk-1 3jfk-1 3rbu-1 3hlc-9 3row-1 3ech-1 3pnf-9 3rle-1 3fce 3rcv-1 3jfk-5
3cv-1 2ro2rby-1 3byd-14 3rgr-1 3rle-1 7dc-9 7dik-9

So what you say !! Interestingly the VK7's entered the network here via
digi but I dont see 7rwc on the map. This I suspect is because the 7rwc
is running a path other than WIDEn-n on its beacons.. Unlike the bulk of
non mobile traffic from VK3 and VK2 which seems to be beaconing via
In particular all the network digis.

I suspect your not seeing our network digis over there in VK3/2/7 if any
because they beacon via unique Zoned paths.

Ive also got a bone to pick with some suspect digi configs in VK2 up on
border. Have a look at this for wierd.. Theres 3 hops on a apparent
frame unless it was a WIDE2-3  frame which i cant tell from here..

06:51:43R VK2RO>APU25N,VK2RBY-1*,VK3RMK-1*,VK5RSC-1*,WIDE2* Port=1 <UI C
@202026z3547.80S/14534.78E_065/005g008t071P000b9950h91wx report Tocumwal

How do you get this path people ?? 2RBY-1 3RMK-1 5RSC-1 above

07:43:34R VK2RBY-1>APNU19,VK3RCV-1*,WIDE2*,VK3RPG-2*,VK5RSC-1*,WIDE2*
<UI C Len=63>:
!3548.66SE14533.98E#PHG5460/W2 APRS Digipeater - Tocumwal - (2)

And again 3RCV-1 3RPG-1 5RSC-1 above

06:51:31R VK3ECH-1>APU25N,VK3RCV-1*,VK5RSC-1*,WIDE2* Port=1 <UI C Len=38>:
=E`gHds(p9#  BPHG7360/ Rob at Echuca.

Now this as an example above makes more sense  3RCV-1 5RSC-1 and finnish
which is what the bulk of the VK3 traffic seen looks like. Clearly you
some inconsistant configs over there. No matter how hard I try over here
using a WIDE2-2 frame I cant get 3 hops out of it. The problem is over in

Tony Hunt VK5AH

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