[OZAPRS] VK2 Network Updates

Geoff geoff at gatwards.org
Mon Dec 10 21:12:58 EST 2007


has now been upgraded, completing the rollout of the New-N firmware to the

Sydney region.  

Well it looks like the gremlins we thought we had evicted from this
digipeater have returned.  It has been noted as being deaf when the
is wet, and its coverage is severely reduced in the rain.  I now suspect
that there may be a pinhole crack in the antenna (it's an X-50) which is
allowing things to get a bit damp.  It dries out and returns to normal
quickly when the rain actually stops.

Has been installed at its final location near Maitland.  Although there is
not a great deal of mobile activity in the area as yet, initial
of its actual coverage area are very promising.

Remains to be upgraded (This is the last digi in VK2 to be upgraded) -
will occur in the next couple of weeks as it requires a full day-trip to
attend the site.  Since the relocation of VK2AMW-1, this digi down at
Batemans Bay has been getting into the network again, which is excellent

There will be some changes happening to the IGate functionality over the
next month or two.  The changes will not affect position reports going
the Internet, but you may notice changes to what is seen coming out to RF,
and the way it comes out.  These trials are the first step in trying to
streamline the IGate functionality across the state.

70cm APRS
The 70cm network has begun to become a reality.  VK2INT is operating a
IGate on the national frequency 439.100 (1200bps).  At the moment it is
gating pretty much the same data as seen on 2m, but once we have a couple
digipeaters on air we can start offering more.  Currently we have
that a 70cm digipeater can be located at VK2US-1 and VK2RSW-1 to cover
Sydney, and potentially VK2AMW-1 to cover the Illawarra. 

Geoff  VK2XJG

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