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Shaun Pitcher spitcher at energy.com.au
Sat Aug 11 16:23:29 EST 2007

You could go for a modular design.

First module is the fixed freq tx and receive with GPS and DC connection, 
however it has outputs available so it can easily be used in a HF set-up. 
(Audio out and some form of carrier detect or audio in to avoid HF clashes

and of course a PTT).  Obviously it will require some sort of PC interface

to set parameters and switch from 300 to 1200 baud, which could be a dip 
or toggle switch. (this will get 90% of people up and running)

Second module is an afterburner to get you up to 20-30 watts VHF. 
(personally I think I could get away with 5 watts for my application.)

Similarly a 50-100 watt single freq HF module that can be added for those 
who use it bush. 

So you basically mix and match for your needs with the first module able 
to get you tracked and on the air with extra modules as required.

Shaun Pitcher   VK2XPP

As an example consider the family car (not a 4X4). If one had a small 
box that contained a custom designed single channel receiver and 
transmitter with an aerial connection, a GPS input and a DC input. 
This could be mounted in the boot and the only tell tail signs that 
the installation existed would be the whip antenna. If this was 
mounted on the windscreen glass it would be disguised for a mobile 
phone setup. The GPS can be placed on the parcel shelf behind the 
back seat and covered with a hat.


David G. Hopkins (Vk4ZF)
S27 32.191 E153 11.867 

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