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On 8/9/07, Norm VK3XCI <vk3xci at aanet.com.au> wrote:
>> I think there may be a number of "us" entertaining similar thoughts!
>Definitely. I'm working on something at the moment which sounds just
>like this, except that the GPS is built in as well. I think a lot of
>people are looking for something like this.

I know I'd sure love one for the bike - something I can shove in the
tail, and just have the GPS and RF antennas mounted, so it looks vaguely
like it's just a normal radio antenna would be great.. - Hassle-free on
the road, and means I can track it if someone steals it..  (It's funny,
but the 80's beemers are worth more for their parts, than as a
road-going concern, go figure!)

For that matter, I'd go one with a 20-30W amp in front of it for the
hilux too - would free the D7 up for walking around without the hassle
of unplugging all those wires :)



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