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I am glad this discussion has highlighted the points that:


1. There are many needs and requirements

2. There will never be a single solution that suits everyone

3. Occasionally we have to take an existing solution and modify it to
fit our purpose (the reason I got in to AR) because we have a unique
need or we just want to have fun experimenting.


Of course option 3 requires motivation, thought, research, thinking,
talking to others, getting your hands dirty, making mistakes (sometime
the little bit of smoke manufacturers store in their components escapes)
- but for me - that's the fun of AR, electronics, computers etc.


Handhelds - In my particular case, motocross riding the trails of the
Wombat and Lerderberg State Forests, I need something very small that
can be stuck away behind the speedo of the trail bike (the point least
likely to get squashed/wet when I fall off). Handhelds are OK, I have
tried several, the main failing is being totally waterproof (plastic
bags just don't cut it and sticking it in a box makes them bigger than
the space I have). With my dm2550 and the TT - waterproofing was a
breeze. It's still bigger than I want, but it does the job. Handhelds
also suffer from poor response to having the living daylights vibrated
out of them.


HF - there are heaps of sets out there just looking for a home - I noted
that one of the local suppliers on Sydney Rd (Melbourne) had a stack of
old (read - ye olde junqe box age) PCM Hawks, Codans and Wagners. There
have also been a number of recent projects for small QRP sets, which
could have a suitable amp attached. Lots of options there.


As for insurance - I had no trouble adding the FT857D, TM721A, IC22S,
FT707/FC707, DM2550 and TT, CB radios (UHF/VHF) plus antennas, cables
and any accessories to the policy for my 4x4. It added a whopping $13.50
per year. I ensured that the policy noted that the antennas were to be
covered whilst in operation on the vehicle - for low hanging tree / city
car park damage - it pays to shop around - ask specific questions - and
don't just go for the lowest price.


Matt Howard


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