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Tue Aug 7 20:46:51 EST 2007

HI Everyone

For what it is worth I have only been using HF APRS for a number of years
use a IC-706 Mk1 AH2 tuner and Stainless steel whip over 2 meters long
can not be missed this has been permanently mounted in our cars since the
day purchased which will give you some idea how old all the gear is now.
have been mounted in or on 3 cars since new having never failed never
touched but being a little concerned about theft etc they is included in
car insurance. All that time and only one failed attempt to knock the SS
whip off no other has ever been attempted got my fingers crossed though.
also have CDMA, 2m/70cm and CB antennas installed. The Icom gear has been
ultra reliable.

I have traveled most if not all the areas and others mentioned in today's
emails along with others using HF APRS having seldom failed in being gated
to the net generally by either VK4DMI or VK3MY gateways.

For interest when we are camped I have a 13m long wire with an alligator
clip that I clip to the SS whip attached to the other end is a length of
light nylon cord that gets thrown up into a nearby tree the AH 2 tuner
it all nicely and performs very well indeed when out near Birdsville we
could not find a suitable tree nearby so I just dragged the wire out
the very low scrub less than a meter high being pleasantly surprised has
how easy it tuned and worked. 

With the additional VK HF Gateways on line or about to along with those
occasional ones seen in ZL our continent should I believe have reasonable

Pity now though as I miss the larger 4x4s with the large capacity second
batteries we have had in the past, the Subaru Forester that we drive now
whilst a great little car has a lousy small battery in it, easy to
means that one must run the motor to use full power and have any HF QSOs
when stationary.

I believe that HF APRS works and works well if configured and used

73 Brian VK4BBS

PS: Anyone else with a Subaru Forester?
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