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Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Tue Aug 7 09:30:12 EST 2007

David Hopkins wrote:

>One of the greatest deficiencies as I see it is coverage of the 
>network. As an example take a trip from Brisbane to Sydney via the 
>New England Highway. There is excellent coverage from Brisbane to 
>Cunningham's Gap a distance of about 80Km. There the coverage 
>promptly cuts out and does not reappear until north of Maitland just 
>north of Newcastle. While the space station was in operation one 
>could get a couple of position reports out but this was next to 
>useless. There are quite a number of large towns along the highway. 
>Imagine if these towns had a receive only station feeding the data 
>into the Internet, coverage would be greatly increased at minimal cost.
>David G. Hopkins (Vk4ZF)
>S27 32.191 E153 11.867 
David's comments about the New England Highway are equally applicable to 
the Pacific Highway, our Highway #1.

I believe that the activity of VK2CVR and VK2TV in Kempsey is the only 
regular APRS activity between, probably, the VK2/VK4 border, and 
somewhere just north of Newcastle. I base my reckoning on stations 
logged here via the igate. I hope someone can say I'm wrong!

VK2TV in Kempsey runs an igate 24/7 but the local frequency at the 
moment is 144.900. This was done as a convenience for the two local 
packet users on 2m. However, a 145.175MHz UIDigi system is being 
prepared (the FM828 is crystalled and ready, and the EPROM has been 
programmed) and will be completed and installed "somewhere" when time 
permits. It will probably cover around 60/70km of the Pacific Highway in 
the Kempsey area.

Brett in Port Macquarie (callsign escapes me for the moment) has been 
playing with a system on 145.175 that is also an igate. I don't know the 
current status of that system. In discussions with Brett a while back it 
was thought that the local (Port Macquarie) club might be interested in 
installing an APRS digi at Telegraph Point. If that system and the 
Kempsey system were installed (and they will be able to hear each 
other), over 100km of the Pacific Highway would be covered.
 Not perfect but better than zilch.

Ray vk2tv
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