[OZAPRS] the lost art of building it ourselves

Richard Hoskin vk3jfk at amsat.org
Mon Aug 6 15:40:50 EST 2007

Gday Matt,

> We can move to higher speeds, all we need to do is create an
> appropriately configured system that will support this requirement for
> amateur use - hardware, software etc. 

> It all currently exists in the
> commercial world, just needs a few tweaks and then of course, all the
> current systems we have need replacing. And that is where we stop.

You got it in one!

The VK3 APRS system consist of roughly 25 VHF Digipeaters, 2 UHF
digipeaters, an HF gate, a Satgate and about 10 IGates.

Most of the gear used for this network is donated ex-commercial equipment,
equipment brought through fundraising and local Amateur's personal
that they are kindly using for the benefit of APRS. 

I'm certain most operators (including me) would love to experiment with
high speed better functioning gear.... If someone was willing to donate
gear to upgrade the network I would be right on to it. I estimate it would
cost somewhere between $20,000 to $30,000 to upgrade just the VK3 APRS
network to the latest and greatest, let-a-lone the other states. Then
are the operators to consider.....


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