[OZAPRS] 439.100Mhz 9600bd in the future in VK3

Peter Wicklein vk3tbn at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 6 17:14:42 EST 2007

Hi all,

Richard and I have talked about going 9600BD in Melbourne for a while, but

dont know if there is enough interest in it, as the 70CM network gets very

few users at the moment.

See what I mean:

This is dispite the fact that we have tried to expand the content, add
features ( Info Kiosk/SF message server and carry all of OZ/NZ TFC and DX 
cluster as well.

I do use it for Mobile myself going to and from the Greensborough to the 
City and around most of Melbourne , without problems. Most of the North
east of Melbourne are covered up to the city,  I usually get about 10 to
posts per trip or more..


I would be prepared to go to 9600BD, I have both the TNC and the Radio to
so, but its hard to justify upgrading the Digi vk3my-2 ( Sorry Ross i
even asked you yet!!) and installing a node on VK3CV if there not that

Would be interested in your thoughts on if the investment/ expansion would

be utilised?



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> > But how fast were you moving?    In what kind of terrain.   Over what
> > distance?
> >
> > 1200 baud is much more tolerant of mobile flutter, fading and
> > from moving vehicles than higher data rates,  because it's individual
> > symbols are much longer.     The differences between even 1200 and
> > on a Kenwood D700 in motion are quite dramatic.
> >   http://wa8lmf.net/DigiPaths
> >
>If you are in Melbourne tune your APRS Radio to 439.100Mhz (1200bd) to
>compare APRS on VHF & UHF.  The UHF system may be configured for 9600bd
>the future.
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