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Andrew Rich wrote:
> Um the glider was at 8000 feet and i was on the ground.
> Mind you when I drove it, i got 1.9 km's out of it.
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>     But how fast were you moving?    In what kind of terrain.   Over
>     what distance?
>     1200 baud is much more tolerant of mobile flutter, fading and
>     multipath from moving vehicles than higher data rates,  because
>     it's individual symbols are much longer.     The differences
>     between even 1200 and 9600 on a Kenwood D700 in motion are quite
>     dramatic.  

No wonder it worked!  That's "cheating" - a pure line-of-sight 
minimum-loss reflection-free path.   Try it from a terrestrial mobile to 
a base station, especially in a mountainous area or a built-up urban 
area with lots of reflections from buildings, bridges, etc.


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