[OZAPRS] Bynocs MicroTrack

Gerard Hill vk2io at optusnet.com.au
Sat Aug 4 11:46:44 EST 2007

Darryl Smith wrote:
> It would be 8W on 145.175 MHz. And that is why he would need to make up
> of them minimum
> Darryl

I think there is a problem. The MicroTrack is transmit only with more 
power than most handhelds so has a large range. It does not have a 
receiver to avoid transmitting over other stations and 145.175 is a very 
busy channel. Using it may contravene amateur regulations:

"Testing and Monitoring
Before any call or test transmission, an amateur operator should monitor 
the frequency on which the transmission will occur to ensure that a 
transmission will not cause interference to other stations."

I can imagine that 145.175 could end up as congested as 27.085 MHz if 
these devices become popular. Byonics should be encouraged to develop 
products suitable for use by amateurs.

Cheers ... Gerard

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> Are there plans for a 145.175MHz version?  Otherwise it appears to me
> only
> the 200mW variable frequency version is suitable.
> Roger VK7ARN
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> Hi - bionics have a new all in one tracker  the micro-trak - made in
> partnership
> with VHS.
> Allen from VHS has asked what version of the system Australian users
> be
> most likely to use. They have 2 basic output options - 300mW and 8W
> This is so that he can arrange to get some here to the distributors,
> incurring too much cost for freight/duty by sending systems which will
> get
> sold.
> Can I have some feedback so I can pass this back to him.
> Personally I am interested in the 8W version as I get out in the
> areas
> a lot.
> You can view the product descriptions at www.byonics.com
> <http://www.byonics.com/> 
> Cheers Matt VK3XIL
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