[OZAPRS] Bynocs MicroTrack

Matt Howard MHoward at acaciapark.com.au
Fri Aug 3 09:33:54 EST 2007

Hi - bionics have a new all in one tracker  the micro-trak - made in
partnership with VHS.

Allen from VHS has asked what version of the system Australian users
would be most likely to use. They have 2 basic output options - 300mW
and 8W

This is so that he can arrange to get some here to the distributors,
without incurring too much cost for freight/duty by sending systems
which will not get sold.

Can I have some feedback so I can pass this back to him.

Personally I am interested in the 8W version as I get out in the
regional areas a lot.

You can view the product descriptions at www.byonics.com

Cheers Matt VK3XIL

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