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Mike Zwingl oe3mzc oe3mzc at oevsv.at
Fri Aug 31 05:51:57 EST 2007

just one comment on HF-APRS Gateway operation:
in practice it is not the signal to noise ratio that decides about decode
nodecode of an APRS beacon on 10Mhz.
More important is to use a TNC that allows some frequency drift, like the 
The DSP-TNC is currently the only hardware that will simultaneously decode

several APRS signals at same time in a 800Hz wide channel!
So the frequency offset of a mobile station can be plus/minus 400Hz and 
still have successful decode on 10.147,6 USB (10151LSB)
See the result at VK6UZ-4 and VK8ZAB-4, Fritz and Alan are using these
Most other TNCs/Soundcards require 30Hz accuracy in frequency, which is 
almost impossible to achive.
vy 73 de Mike
ex VK3FPF/8
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> Hi Michael,
> Based on experience gained from forwarding into vk3 and eastern vk5 on
> 30m, I appeared to be well placed to be a HF gate, especially for those
> areas. Both of those areas were open into here for at least 20 hours a
> day, and with solid results.
> I use UIView on the Windoze machine but I have to say that Xastir walks
> all over it, in my opinion, but I am biased towards Linux's flexibility
> and reliability.
> I'm very lucky with this rural location. Noise level on HF is usually
> S0, excluding lightning type noises.
> Cheers
> Ray vk2tv
>>Hi Ray,
>>Welcome, I did some tests on HF last night and see your station gated me
>>to the 'net!
>>It's good to have another HF APRS gateway up and running. When I get
>>motivated, I'm going to set one up near Port Lincoln. I have all the
>>gear, I just need a couple of weekends to get it installed.
>>Mine gateway will be around 10km out of town on a friends farm, RX only,
>>using a Codan X2 on 10.147.6MHz with a  MFJ-1278 TNC, and serial
>>ethernet server linked back my my QTH via a community wireless network.
>>Probably going to use UIView at this stage.
>>HF is far too noisy at home.
>>Ray Wells wrote:
>>>Hi All,
>>>I'm new to this list and want to advise that I recently commenced
>>>running a HF gateway from near Kempsey NSW, halfway between Brisbane
>>>Sydney, on 10147.60. The rig is a TS430 running about 25W to a dipole
>>>favouring about WSW/ENE. Callsign is vk2tv-4.
>>>Close to being implemented is a 2m digi on 145.175 that will also be
>>>gated to the network, and will cover a stretch of the Pacific Highway
>>>from about 40km south of Kempsey to a point about 30km north.
>>>Ray .. vk2tv
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