[OZAPRS] Some HF questions

Hamish Moffatt hamish at cloud.net.au
Mon Apr 9 23:49:03 EST 2007

On Mon, Apr 09, 2007 at 05:35:38PM +1000, Andrew Rich wrote:
> 1. I am running coax to a dipole for RX, should I need a 1:1 balun ?

It may reduce the SWR. Just roll up a few turns of coax near the
feedpoint; that will act as a balun. (More important for transmit that
receive really.)

> 2. Would a narrow(er) filter help on HF for packet rx ?

Narrow filters only help if you have strong signals within the audio
passband which cause the AGC to reduce the packet signal. Ie probably

> 3. What help if any are DSP filters to HF packet ?

Unlikely to be any help. What are you using as the packet modem?

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