[OZAPRS] New VK6 APRS digipeater : VK6KRB-2

Chris Hill chris.hill at crhtelnet.com.au
Sat Oct 28 15:06:45 EST 2006

Hi All,


A new APRS digipeater has been placed on test, in Lesmurdie, approx 20km
south east of Perth.  

(This is a joint effort between Ralph VK6KRB, Joe VK6ZTN and Chris VK6KCH)


I have attempted to implement the digipeater settings commensurate with
latest debate (so it currently does NOT support RELAY).  Based on the text
at http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/aprs/kpc3+WIDEn.txt I have issued the
following commands (ver = KPC3P-59547265-8.2N) :



uidwait off

uiflood VK6,30,ID


ltp 1 APN382 v WIDE1-1

ltp 2 APN382 v WIDE2-2

ltp 3 APN382 v WIDE3-3

ltp 4 APN382 v WIDE4-4


unproto APN382 v WIDE1-1


uitrace WIDE,30




LT 1 !3200.4 SN11602.3 E#PHG5650/WIDE Mazenod College

LT 2 !3200.4 SN11602.3 E#PHG5650/WIDE Mazenod College, Lesmurdie


[The PHG refers to the Power, Height, Gain, and was calculated using the
tool at http://www.nashvilleaprs.net/apps/phgcalc.php]




I can currently see VK6ZTN-15 digipeating through the site (I can also
VK6ZTN-15 directly), so packets such as:


12:58:56R VK6ZTN-15>SRS8X9,WIDE2-1 Port=1 <UI Len=22>:



. get digipeated as:


12:58:57R VK6ZTN-15>SRS8X9,VK6KRB-2*,WIDE2 Port=1 <UI Len=22>:



(Showing that the traceability via callsign substitution is working OK).



If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve or tweak any settings,
please let me know!











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