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Mike Zwingl oe3mzc oe3mzc at oevsv.at
Mon May 22 18:01:24 EST 2006

Hello to the group,
it would be interesting to use the HF-ACRAS HFDL modulation and protocol
for HF-APRS in amateur radio instead of relatively stupid PACKET X25 in 
HF ACARS is a modified version of the Aircraft Communications,
Addressing, and Reporting System deployed on VHF some years back
by ARINC, the communication giant originally started by the
airlines.  The HF version resembles packet radio, but with a
single-tone 8PSK modem based on MIL-188-110A at a rate of 3600chips/s.
Adaptive rates of 150, 300, 600, 1200 and 1800bps are supported.
You may see this referenced as ARINC 753.
Networking protocols are like ACARS and resemble HF packet, with aircraft
logging into "slots" and exchanging data with a global network
of numbered ground stations.

The HF variation of ACARS is a key part in a complex protocol
called HFDL (High-Frequency Data Link).  It can be decoded with
personal computers, and it's a fun mode.  Ground stations often
identify every 32 seconds with a "squitter" somewhat similar in
concept to the VHF ACARS.  These can contain quite a bit of
Any ideas?
vy 73 de Mike

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> Andrew Rich wrote:
>> For those who are intersted, I am playing with ACARS and APRS.
> Hmm what about a limit functions. i.e not plot airplanes that are more
> than x Km away?
> And is this log from ACARSD ??
> Are you going to send the ACARS position into i.e Xastir/UI-View via the
> local APRS server??
> This would be nice on AIS too...
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