[OZAPRS] FAA reinvents APRS!

Richard Murnane vk2sky at unwired.com.au
Thu May 4 21:33:05 EST 2006

I knew they'd come around eventually to our way of thinking :-)

	The following from    http://mitchellconsulting.net/commonsense/?
p=1694   (Ed K7FVY's site)

> May 3, 2006
> FAA re-invents APRS automatic position reporting
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> Ham radio operators have been using automatic position (or packet)
> reporting systems (APRS) for years. The FAA is planning for a
> future air traffic control environment based on the same idea:
> ACB-420 ADS-B Home Page.
> The main difference is that if it involves the FAA, it will be
> expensive. The only remote transceiver package available now costs
> $8,000. And you need to add an $8,000 up to $14,495 LCD
> installation to display the results.
> This should make air travel safer by eliminating all but airliners
> and business jets! (Disclaimer: I am a member of the EAA.)

73 Richard VK2SKY


Richard Murnane   vk2sky at unwired.com.au

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