[OZAPRS] Any spare APRS gear?

Tony Hunt wavetel at bigpond.com
Wed Mar 29 22:52:33 EST 2006

Chris. Let me know if this eventuates and I will put on a Gateway on the
frequency and make sure it Gates back to an Internet feed from Adelaide.
This might help a bit..

make sure the Tiny track is configured with the correct paths.. I think
ARISS,SGATE,WIDE from memory. Its all there on the VK info page

A decent amount of uplink power like 15w or more would be a good idea as
well.. Both from
Perth and Adelaide you will be working from horizon to horizon alot of the
time from Darwin and Northern VK6. I get the distinct impression there is
alot of QRM from northern neighbours on our 2m sats around the 144-146 Mhz
mark as well .. Ive heard them running FM on our uplinks but am unable to
understand them at all.. Ive got no gear I can volunteer at present I am

Tony Hunt VK5AH

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> Subject: [OZAPRS] Any spare APRS gear?
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> Hi All,
> ZL3HB is on holidays here in Perth, and is about to head out on a long
> long) drive up to Darwin, and perhaps even further afield!
> At the WA VHF Group meeting last night, we chatted about APRS, and he's
> excited about trying to scrape together the gear to run APRS on 2m,
> transmitting via the ISS when it's overhead.
> So, does anyone have any spare gear that he could use, either on loan
> month or two, or perhaps that he can purchase, at short notice.
> He has a 2m handheld, but needs a Tiny Trak (or TNC with suitable
> and might need to purchase a GPS (he doesn't know if his existing GPS
> provide an RS-232 output or not, at this stage).
> Any bright ideas?
> 73
> Chris
> vk6kch

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