[OZAPRS] PCSAT1 & PCSAT2 in joint opertions mode.

Richard Hoskin (VK3JFK) vk3jfk at wia.org.au
Fri Mar 10 18:28:28 EST 2006



PCSAT2 and PCSAT-1 are now in joint ops mode on

145.825 and ARISS is operating on 145.800 as usual.  With two simultaneous
digipeaters in view at the same time on ISS on different freqs and
occasionally PCSAT-1 in joint view, its a zoo up there.


Use an UNPROTO APRS VIA WIDE2-2 if you want to get lucky with a dual hop.
All three birds will recognize VIA ARISS...  If PCSAT-1 reverts to W3ADO-1
stop using it until we can get her reloaded.  If it resets after the 16th
will lose her until next winter!


de Wb4APR, Bob


> During this period, PCSAT2 will be shifted to its

> 145.825 downlink so that both birds are operating on the same 

> frequency.  This will give users on

> 145.825 an APRS link capability over 12 passes per day combined and 

> some rare dual hop opportunities.




For the next  week I will switch my ground station from ISS to 145.825Mhz
monitor the PCSATs.

So why not try as PCSAT1, PCSAT2 double hop posit or 2.






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