[OZAPRS] UI view and OziExplorer

Michael Carey michaelcarey at internode.on.net
Sat Jun 24 23:42:28 EST 2006

Hi Norm,
I've been using NetAPRS from Darryl VK2TDS at Radioactive Networks 
"between" UIView and Oziexplorer. While it does work, it's a little 
buggy and development hasn't progressed very far as Darryl has been 
concentrating on more commercial (read profitable) applications using 
the software. I have encouraged him to develop and refine it some more 
for amateur APRS use, as I find the mapping side of UIView to be most 
restrictive and I use Oziexplorer all the time for other mapping tasks.
As it stands, the biggest issues I have with the current version of 
NetAPRS are that waypoints of APRS targets are not removed from NetAPRS 
and Oziexplorer when they expire from UIView , autotrailing of moving 
APRS targets doesn't work, you have to manually check each callsign you 
want to track, and it interprets some (not all) compressed APRS beacons 
incorrectly and places them in the Western hemisphere. Lat/Long 
positions aren't rounded down either, sometimes you get recurring 
decimals which can make things look messy.
NetAPRS doesn't require any changes to either UIView or Oziexplorer, 
it's quite seamless, you just "connect" to UIView and Oziexplorer and 
watch the magic happen!
Download and check it out here :-

Norm, VK2XCI wrote:
> Good evening,
> I believe I have seen UIview working with OziExplorer and the NATMAPS 
> 250k ecw maps. I've managed to get OzE running with the .ecw map, but 
> can't figure how to get data from UIview. I gather UIview has to be in 
> server mode, what happens at the OzE.
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