[OZAPRS] Using Maxon Radios for RX

Andrew McDade amcdade at iprimus.com.au
Wed Jun 21 09:20:21 EST 2006

Ive just had a look inside one of these maxon DM2550 radios. It has a blue

plastic IF filter labeled K F455R , so a different package compared to 
Chris's picture. I cant find any specs on this one though , I haven't
too hard yet !! ..

Regards .. Andrew .. VK5EX

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Subject: [OZAPRS] Using Maxon Radios for RX

> Hi,
> With all these maxon radios being bought, is anyone using them for RX as
> well as TX? I am trying to set up a TNC-X with the X-Track option in my
> car. At the moment its set up in my lounge room, with an antenna located
> outside on the roof. I'm in an area that gets good coverage from
> VK1RGI-1 on Mt Ginni in the ACT.
> Anyway, my TX seems to work fine.
> I have the input GND connected to Pin 4 on the Maxon, and the TNC-X rx
> line connected to Pin 2 (which is labelled in the maxon service manual
> as 'Muted Demodulation Output) I have tried also pin 9, which is
> labelled (Data out low level filtered output), which doesn't seem to
> work either.
> I have limited sucess by using a HT and a TT about 10 feet away from the
> antenna, and it works, but not much further than that.
> Anyone got any advice?
> Regards
> Craig
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