[OZAPRS] Silly antenna mount question

Rendrag rendrag at rendrag.net
Wed Jun 14 22:21:26 EST 2006

Howdy Folks,

Heading down to Melbourne for a job this weekend, so I thought I'd finally
get my act together, get the old MFJ working again (a solid thump brought
back to life - guessing there's a dry joint there somewhere), plug it into
the old 2m handheld I bought for the task a couple of years back, set that
up for the iGate, and then reclaim my TH-D7A and throw it into the Hilux
alongside my FT8100R..  Which meant buying an antenna for it, as lord
where my second 2/70 antenna went (2 years without a car meant all my
antennas went into storage, and having moved house since, well, lots of
stuff is missing).  So I ordered the cheapest, highest gain dual-band
antenna that andrews had in stock, and got them to express post it down to
me (severe props, phoned friday arvo, it arrived today, not bad with a
weekend in the middle :).

Wasn't quite what I expected, was expecting the old fibreglass rod with
braid over it with a few coils in between, but it's actually a number of
lengths of rod with little joiners in between - will be interesting to see
how it handles getting caught on trees, etc, while I'm out bush..  Anyhow,
went to mount it up to the mount I'd already cabled up on the bullbar.. At
which point I went 'what the ****?' and got confused..  Rather than having
the normal screw thread in the bottom that just goes on a standard cb/ham
antenna mount from DSE (D4056), it has what almost looks like a PL-259???

Am I going mad, or is that actually a PL-259 in the base of the antenna,
I now need to try and find some kind of SO-259 antenna mount to mount the



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