[OZAPRS] Just for interest (HF)

Terry Neumann tfn at rbe.net.au
Sat Jul 15 20:54:45 EST 2006

Brian Beamish wrote:

>Just walked into the shack to see VK5ATN-11 added to my map. 0735utc
>Checking up I have noticed that all three VK3 approx 1300kms,  VK7 approx
>1700Kms and VK8 approx 2900Kms are all taking turns at present to put me
>the net and Findu.
>73 Brian VK4BBS

G'day Brian & others,

I put my station to air when I read that you were looking.   It's not 
gating to anything, just looking on and putting a beacon out every 60 

My list of stations heard today is restricted to those on the eastern 
coastline and VK3MY .   There are quite few others just above the noise 
level, but the MFJ-1278  may not be as good on weaker sigs as other  

I usually only run the station on HF when there is some extra activity 
on 30 metres. 

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