[OZAPRS] 20 metre Igate?

Terry Neumann tfn at rbe.net.au
Sun Aug 13 21:52:27 EST 2006

Scott Evans wrote:

>G'day Terry...
>Just nominate a centre freq and I'll setup there! (currently still on
>Rob (ZL3RX) and I will be doing some testing on 20m soon so this may
>(give us something to look at!)
>Possibly somewhere between 14.090 - 14.110 
>Hope to hear from you soon!
>73 de VK7HSE Scott Evans

G'day Scott,

Thanks for the offer, and also for the message on 40 metres earlier 
today.    Sorry I didn't get back - I think the band was in bed by the 
time I noticed .

I was rather hoping that someone would jump up and say that there was 
already a dedicated APRS frequency for 20 metres
If that doesn't happen, then I guess we can be pioneers and see what we 
can find.  I'll have a look around that area in the next days and see 
what's there in a clear spot (optimist!).   Tomorrow (Monday) I'll only 
be on 2 metres APRS so nothing will be tried here until Tuesday at least.

Of course I'm still hoping that someone will come with the definitive 
frequency already conquered and proclaimed for exclusive APRS use 


Thanks again,

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