[OZAPRS] AprsD 2.2.6.vk5zty.3

Tony Hunt wavetel at bigpond.com
Mon Aug 7 09:52:30 EST 2006

Ive put the source for the Aprsd version we are using in VK5 up on a web
page available for download.  Ive been meaning to do this for a while..
it here..
This is a modified version with some refinments and alot of testing
especially in the messaging area. Its been running for some months now in
Adelaide.. You may wish to try it and see if it suits your needs. Below is
the change log. Sorry about the size of it..

2005-08-24     John Williams VK5ZTY
 -servers.cpp allow aprs message duplicates from inet to RF
       Made provision in code for aprs message duplicates to go to the net
 -Released 2.2.6.vk5zty.3

2005-06-16     John Williams VK5ZTY
 -aprsd.cpp add TimeBetweenPosit parameter
 -servers.cpp schedule_posit2rf now waits timeBetweenPosit value in
              Msgdest2rf required that gate2rf (RFalways) evaluated to
       Msgdest2rf will now send messages to RF based solely on the
       Any station that is local will have messages gated to RF
 -history.cpp add function getPosit2RF. Remove test for positions > 15
              Rely now on timeBetweenPosit value.
 - Released 2.2.6.vk5zty.2

2005-06-06     John Williams VK5ZTY
 - servers.cpp posit2rf not calling function to test for positions > 15
minutes in history list
 - servers.cpp Changed logic for mesgdest2rf
 - history.cpp posit2rf. Test for positions > 15 minutues in history list.
 - history.cpp  Add call to test posit2rf with wildcards
  -utils.cpp    Add wildcard test of rposit2rf
  -Released 2.2.6.vk5zty

2003-05-29 Chuck Byam, KG4IJB
 - server.cpp RFalways was evaluating to true when it should have been
(an vice-versa).
 - Released 2.2.5-13
2003-05-28 Chuck Byam, KG4IJB
 - ax25 sockets fixed - no really
 - Released 2.2.5-12
2003-05-18  Chuck Byam, KG4IJB
 -  aprspath invalid string
 -  Released 2.2.5-11

     -  aprspath not being properly set
 -  released 2.2.5-10

2003-05-14 Chuck Byam, KG4IJB
 -  Added bootstrap.sh to CVS.  Will help generate
    needed autostuff for CVS builds.
 -  Updated README... well actually it was null bytes.

2003-05-13 Chuck Byam, KG4IJB
 -  Added missing include; ax25socket.cpp
 -  split() now should handle ia64 int more gracefully
 -  Released 2.2.5-9

2003-05-12 Chuck Byam, KG4IJB
 -  AX25 code fixed (needs more testing)
 -  Released 2.2.5-8

2003-05-04 Chuck Byam, KG4IJB
 -  Added aprspass dir and rules to build binary
 -  aprspass.cpp - lame include
 -  admin/ still wasn't populated
 -  Released 2.2.5-7

2003-04-23 Chuck Byam, KG4IJB
 -  Serial I/O support was borked; fixed but in the process I
    broke ax25 code.  I'll release this and work in the ax25
       code as time permits.
 -  make dist wasn't pulling in admin and doc
 -  string.cpp/hpp string helper functions/definitions
 -  Logic in html to check for use of tnc
 -  Released 2.2.5-6

2003-04-20   Chuck Byam, KG4IJB
 -  Fixed compile problem with gcc 3.2/automake 1.6
 -  Fixed minor issue with Exception class
 -  Fixed lock contention in Mutex class
 -  Released 2.2.5-5

2002-12-8    Chuck Byam, KG4IJB
 -  Added constants to pull tocall and program version from config.h
    in constant.h
 -  More fun with HTML status page
 -  Added functions isAPRSD and isJAVAprsSrv.  If true, adds links to
    the server status page.
 -  Added functions convertRate and convertScale.  Displays rates in
    bits/sec or Kb/sec.
 -  Added function getQRZCall to embed href link to qrz.com for user
    info.  Not very smart, only strips SSID from callsign.

2002-10-27 Chuck Byam, KG4IJB
 I have taken Dale's latest source (2.1.5x) and made some heavy mods
 and code clean-ups.

 -  Integrated mutex class.  This class eliviates the problem of
    hung locks as all locks are locally defined and expire when they
    are out of scope.
 -  Integrated exception class.  This is a drop in replacement for
    the gnu class and is doing little more than the replacing the
    the current lib version... for now anyway.
 -  Reconfigured package to use AutoTools for configuration and make.
 -  Removed references to STLport.  Using gnu gcc >= 3.1 should preclude
    the use of this library as it is supposed to be "thread-safe".
    I may re-enable this as a configure option at a later time.
 -  Minor mods to the httpserver pages - mostly cosmetic.
 -  Added ConvertUpTime() to servers.cpp which takes the server uptime,
    in seconds, and converts it into a more meaningful value.  This is
    used in console status output and html status pages.

Tony Hunt VK5AH

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