[OZAPRS] Changes to VKAPRS-IS server configuration

Gavin Rogers grogers at vk6hgr.echidna.id.au
Wed Aug 2 21:28:20 EST 2006

At 07:24 PM 2/08/2006, you wrote:
>Thanks for the update information.
>It would appear that "aprsd" does not support passing forward Tier2
>filters.  Looks like I'm stuck with using the pre-deined filter ports
>(eg 14577 for local stations).  From your message I assume that only
>port 14580 is standardised, so using port 14577 with rotate.aprs2.net
>might be unpredictable.  I have set my one and only "server" to
>Any comment from other "aprsd" users

My Igate is also affected but I don't know of anything else that runs 
under Linux that does the same job. If I could change to something 
that supports filters then I wouldn't be stuck :-)


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