[OZAPRS] Changes to VKAPRS-IS server configuration

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This is a heads up that there will be some changes being made to the setup
of the VKAPRS-IS servers over the next couple of days.

Currently we have TWO servers, both members of the TIER2 REGIONAL server

Servers within the TIER2 cluster connect to the T2CORE servers, which in
turn connect to the three APRS CORE servers in the US.  The FINDU servers
are connected to the APRS CORE.

The change to our setup will be that the current T2AUST server
(first.aprs.net.au) will be upgraded to T2CORE status to provide improved
connectivity to the APRS core from our region.  The result of this will be
that this server will only accept connections from the TIER2 REGIONAL
servers.  Second.aprs.net.au (T2AUST-2) will become first.aprs.net.au
(T2AUST), and will be capable of handling all connections from I-Gates and

A Reminder here that the recommendation for client connections to the
servers is to use port 14580, and define your required filter settings in
the connect string.  This would allow your client to use the special URL
"rotate.aprs2.net", which is set up to rotate connections between all 31
available TIER2 servers.  (EVERY TIER2 server has an identical
for port 14580)

This change will also remove the current security problem with
"first.aprs.net.au" where users were being added to the systems firewall
being blocked due to false triggering of the Intrusion Detection system
(this IDS is not implemented on the current 'second' box)

This change should be completely transparent to clients - this is simply
update as to what is going on in the network.

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