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Tony Hunt wavetel at iname.com
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Norm .. There must be several ways to set the PC from a GPS clock .. Here
one I know of.. The MoonBounce and WSJT boys as well as satellite tracking
fraternity all must do this in some way.. Look here
There are probably feebies that do it as well..

Tony VK5AH

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> Sorry about the cross post, but this is becoming interesting.
> Tony Langdon (ATC) wrote:
> >>This recent thread caused me to wonder about the dynamic
> >>nature of the internet and variable propagation delays. Does
> >>anyone know the relative accuracy - at your computer - of
> >>"internet" timing services as compared to "hard-wired" timing
> >>services as are available in many cities in many countries?
> >
> For the APRS crowd... does any one have a clue how to discipline the PC
> clock from GPS?? Sounds interesting!
> >
> > For Internet based timekeeping, NTP is your best bet, as NTP does all
> > to compensate for propagation/packet delivery delays.  For specs, the
RFC on
> > NTP (it'll be a heavy read :) ) will tell you the answer, but I
> > accuracy can be surprisingly high, especially if you choose a time
> > that's relatively close to you and then use full NTP (rather than
> > that server. SNTP is good for sycing between a gateway time server on
> > LAN and all the other PCs, if acuracy is important.
> >
> >
> snipped...
> FWIW, I use Tardis 2000/K9 (the Doctor Who fans will appreciate it!)
> Tardis is an NTP client... gets the time from an NTP service, as well as
> a server, serving the time to other PCs on your LAN. K9 is the
> client-only app which runs on the LAN PCs. Both will run as a service on
> Win2k, tardis has a 1K memory footprint, K9 similar.
> There are Linux versions!
> http://www.kaska.demon.co.uk/tardis.htm
> Disclaimer: I have no association with the writer, distributor or seller
> of the software, simply a long time satisfied customer
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> Norm, VK2XCI,
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