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Rendrag rendrag at rendrag.net
Wed Jul 27 14:42:20 EST 2005


Not 100% sure on these, but I'm sure Peter will pick me up if they're

145.175MHz - VK1RGI-1 APRS digi, Mt Ginini.
145.175MHz - VK1RBM-1 APRS digi, Black Mountain Tower, Canberra City
145.175MHz - VK2TDG-1 APRS full time RF/INET gate, South Canberra
Inet-only VK2TDG-3  APRS logbot & stats server.
 -- http://hamtrack.pinegap.net/ displays last 10 decoded and undecoded
packets on the VK/ZL net
 -- http://hamtrack.pinegap.net/weather/ displays all weather stations on
the VK/ZL net, and their min/max/avg details..  *WAY* behind realtime -
DB has got way too big for the box it's on (which is scary).
 -- http://hamtrack.pinegap.net/maptest/ displays a map of all stations
all stations from a given state) heard in the last 30 minutes (excluding
Encoded (MicE) packets)



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