[OZAPRS] A littlt off topic... Mepis/Debian & Xastir

Norm McMillan njmcmillan at bigpond.com
Fri Jan 14 23:32:05 EST 2005

Hamish Moffatt wrote:

>The menu problem is known. There's an entry in the Debian bug tracker
>for it: http://bugs.debian.org/279402. I don't know what to do about it
>I built the xastir package for Debian, so you can complain directly to
>me ;-)
No worries Hamish, I'll live with it! As long as I know it's not 
something I did. I'm a debian newbie... at least i got it loaded and 
running, which is more than I can say for the last effort it Fedora core 
3 and Mandrake 10!!

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