[OZAPRS] VK3 RF Network Update.......

Richard Hoskin (VK3JFK) vk3jfk at amsat.org
Sun Feb 27 10:27:10 EST 2005


The problem with VK3RBU-1 was investigated and it was found that the TX/RX
relay in the PA of the 828 was stuck on and the TRX watch dog had timed

After several attempts to unstick the relay (switch the power off and
banging the bloody radio) it came good and started operating normally for
a while. But it was found that it got stuck on TX again at least once and
would only unstick itself when it txed it’s 30min beacon.

To be on the safe side the digipeat function has been turned off and its
beacon set to tx it’s status every 30 min.

If anyone wants it back on let me know. It would probably be ok in relay
only mode for a while.

When I get another tuned radio/TNC I go back up and swap it over.




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