[OZAPRS] digi_ned feedback

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Fri Feb 25 00:56:26 EST 2005


I just downloaded digi_ned and read all the files and it looks great.

I formated a: /U

Then I ran digiflop, and it created a boot floppy etc. Boots up, makes RAM
disk etc.

My TNC is a KPC-3

I tried both KISS (9600) and straight TNC (1200) mode.

I can see digi_ned trying to TX at start up, says all is ok and sends a
beacon on screen, but the tnc does nothing.

But in either KISS or TNC nothing happens. Yes I have the right com port,
matches and checks out in hyperterm.

What am I doing wrong ?  Should DIGI_NED tx on startup ?

I started up my car as a source, but digi_ned does not do anything.

Ideas ? PC is a pentium 4

I only see kenwood tnc or baycom that seems the closest to kantronics ????

What would be good to, is a desctiption of what files to blow away, so you
get the config screens back up
on boot instead of having to re-format and re-build the floppy.

Cheers Andy VK4TEC

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