[OZAPRS] SiteAlert update.

Richard Hoskin (VK3JFK) vk3jfk at amsat.org
Wed Feb 23 13:34:11 EST 2005


SiteAlert, the APRS remote site monitoring system has been upgraded.

SiteAlert will now provide Low Voltage Cut-Out for Digipeaters and other
site equipment when mains power fails.

Site Alert is used to provide site information from a remote UI-DIGI[i]
APRS[ii] Digipeater site via APRS Telemetry data.

The data is transmitted every 30 minutes and includes the average of four
supply voltage readings, current in building temperature, number of PTT’s
and the current mode of the Site Alert. Once a day Site Alert will
transmit the maximum & minimum Temperature and Voltage. The Parameter,
Unit and Equation messages are sent three times a day. Site Alert also has
2 inputs and 1 output for external alarm triggers and Low Voltage

For more information see





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