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It's been noticed recently that may station have incorrect RF digipeater
paths set in their Mobile and home stations.


Some examples of poor RF paths are;


RELAY via VK3RMD-1,Wide       (Looks like this in UI-View

TCPIP via Relay,Wide                (Looks like this in UI-View

APRS via TCPIP,VK3SB            (Looks like this in UI-View

APRS via Relay,Wide3-3            (Looks like this in UI-View

APRS via Relay,Wide,Igate         (Looks like this in UI-View



In all situations an RF station (whether Mobile or Home) needs only a path
of  2 digipeaters (hops),  is all that is required.


With 2 hops your station will be seen in the full VK3 network coverage
as your local IGate will see your transmission and send it to the rest of
the VK3 RF network. 

The VK3 RF network is designed so all APRS RF stations are within 2
digipeater hops of an IGate. (Most stations will be with in range of 2


A home station will have a digipeater path of  XXXXXXXX,WIDE  where
is their closest digipeater. (See below for recommendations.)

In UI-View set the "Unproto address" in the Setup / Station Setup menu to
APRS,xxxxxxxx,WIDE  where xxxxxxx is the callsign you have chosen from the
recommendations below.


A Mobiles station will have a path of  RELAY,WIDE


The old mobile path standard was Relay,Wide2-2 or Relay,Wide,Wide. Many
mobiles still use this outdated path.

Check your Mobile Tracker's configuration and change it if it's out of
Also check your beacon rate is set to 2 minutes.


If you have full time internet access at home it 's recommended that you
the APRS-IS (APRS internet servers) via your internet connection rather
APRS on RF. 

Connection to APRS-IS will give you the ability to see all VK APRS
or even all APRS stations in the world. APRS-IS also gives you additional
features such as FindU and QRZ.com at the click of a button.

It is very easy to setup an APRS station. You don't need a Radio or TNC,
just connect to one of the APRS-IS servers using UI-View. Read the UI-View
help file and see www.aprs.net.au <http://www.aprs.net.au/>  for more
information on how to set this up.




The Digipeater VK3RGI-1 has been fixed and is up and running again.

Site Alert is now install on the Digi, graph data can be viewed at




ISS is working well and some stations have used it to for APRS Tracking
on holidays and out of reach of the terrestrial VHF network.

There is currently one ISS ground station feed operational in VK3. Other
ground stations feeds have been observed intermittently operating in VK4 &

Visit  http://www.aprs.net.au/sat_aprs_information.htm for information on
ISS status and http://cadigweb.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/iss-faq.html for
station setup information





Recommended Paths for APRS.      


Melbourne Eastern and South Eastern suburbs:


Fix station: VK3CV-1,WIDE or VK3RMD-1,WIDE

Mobile station: RELAY,WIDE 


Melbourne Northern, Western and South Western suburbs:


Fixed station: VK3CV-1,WIDE

Mobile station: RELAY,WIDE 


Greater Bendigo & Northern Victorian areas:


Fixed station: VK3JFK-1,WIDE 

Mobile station: RELAY,WIDE


Greater Seymour, Yea area:


Fixed station: VK3RMG-1,WIDE

Mobile station: RELAY,WIDE


Shepparton area:


Fixed station: VK3RMG-1,WIDE or VK3RGR-1,WIDE

Mobile station: RELAY,WIDE


Greater Wangaratta, Benalla & NE Victoria area:


Fixed station: VK3RGR-1,WIDE or VK3RAW-1,WIDE

Mobile station: RELAY,WIDE


Greater Mansfield, Eildon & Alexander area:


Fixed station: VK3RLE-1,WIDE

Mobile station: RELAY,WIDE


Greater Albury, Wodonga area:


Fixed station: VK3RAW-1,WIDE

Mobile station: RELAY,WIDE


Tocumwal area:


Fixed station: VK2RO-1,WIDE

Mobile station: RELAY,WIDE



Greater Geelong area:


Fixed station: VK3CV-1,WIDE or VK3MY-1,WIDE

Mobile station: RELAY,WIDE


Greater Ballarat area:


Fixed station: VK3RBU-1,WIDE

Mobile station: RELAY,WIDE


For the Western District including Hamilton & Stawell area:


Fixed station: VK3RPG-2,WIDE  

Mobile station: RELAY,WIDE


Greater Horsham Area:


Fixed station: VK3SSS-1,WIDE

Mobile station: RELAY,WIDE


For the Murray Region, Kerang, Hopetoun, Wedderburn etc.:


Fixed station: VK3RMK-1,WIDE

Mobile station: RELAY,WIDE


Greater Mt Gambier area:


Fixed station: VK5JFK-1,WIDE or VK3RPG-2,WIDE

Mobile station: RELAY,WIDE 


West Gippsland area:


Fixed station: VK3ZV-1,WIDE or VK3RMD-1,WIDE

Mobile station: RELAY,WIDE


Greater Bainsdale area:


Fixed station: VK3VHF-1,WIDE

Mobile station: RELAY,WIDE


Greater Sale area:


Fixed station: VK3RGI-1,WIDE

Mobile station: RELAY,WIDE



I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!






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