[OZAPRS] Rally of South Australia and WICEN-APRS

Tony Hunt wavetel at bigpond.com
Wed Aug 3 23:29:33 EST 2005

This comming weekend 6-7 August the Toyota Rally of SA will be held in the
Mt Crawford forrest area near Adelaide.
WICEN will be using 145.175 and the APRS network to transport scores and
tracking info from the various stages throughout the weekend.. Along with
the usual extra messaging traffic will be up to 8 vehical trackers on the
Chief medical officers car and FIV's 1-7. These vehicals will appear on
APRS internet feed via the Igate as well as the scoring traffic.

We are asking for the co-operation of all APRS operators in Adelaide as
usual in keeping all non WICEN essential APRS traffic to a minimum by
changing mobile posit beacons to 20mins or more and running 30min or more
timing on home stations.

Some Special Alias operations will be in place on the network along with
some rearrangment of the existing aliases. So if normal network operation
does not appear to be working for you then dont panic. All will return to
normal on monday after the WICEN Rally event when the network will be
to normal.. . Many of the regular APRS operators are helping out in this
event as well as some help from VK3 land.

WICEN SA would like to thank you for your understanding co-operation and

Tony Hunt VK5AH

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